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📢 We welcome the Educational Cooperative Union from #Jordan to the ICA family! 🎉

📌Our global network accounts 318 #coop members worldwide! 👉https://t.co/HgHNwAIrv1
📌Discover ICA members in your country 🔎

#WeAreCoops https://t.co/6I7KHUTpwF
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Make learning about climate change your priority during #COP26

Our friends @Coop_CollegeUK have released a free taster course exploring the sustainable development goals, #coops and their role in protecting the planet.

#TackleTogether #coops4dev🌍 #SDGs https://t.co/oFLXmzrsz5
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We celebrate the intervention of Hilde Vernaillen, Chair of ICA mutual and cooperative insurance sector, ICMIF, in a high-level @UN panel discussion - she explained how #coops are contributing to the fight against #ClimateChange from the insurance sector 💚

#Coops4ClimateAction https://t.co/wffwCYRSrh
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🗞️ Don't miss @coopnews November issue!

In the run up to the #WorldCoopCongress, our President @ArielGuarco reflects on the present and the future of the #coop movement.

Have a seat and enjoy the reading! ☕️

#WeAreCoops https://t.co/dfxgnBhDmt
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Top 5 reasons to attend the #WorldCoopCongress :
🔭Celebrate your legacy and plan for the future.
💡 Get inspired!
🧍‍♀️+ 🖥️ It's a hybrid event!
🤝Network with others!
🧭Discover the #coop movement
https://t.co/3NizHhpZQ7 #WeAreCoops https://t.co/wAmbxCJKyU
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As the world is turning towards #Glasgow and #COP26, we recall the foreword by @ilcheong_yi of @UNRISD on the #coops4dev🌍 research report on "#Cooperatives for the transition to a green economy" 👇

Full report ➡️ https://t.co/rcrgxrENye

#ActOnClimate #Coops4ClimateAction https://t.co/nSW5t4ptPi
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Thank you @untfsse for echoing #WorldCoopCongress!

It will be a great opportunity to look into new perspectives on how #coops and the wider #SSE can lead positive change, with speakers such as @ilo's DG @GuyRyder

Register now ➡️ https://t.co/iRdhE5TSh6 https://t.co/Bq4N5ldDsg
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