Giuseppe Guerini is President of CECOP-CICOPA Europa, the European Confederation of Industrial Cooperatives and Social Cooperatives which represents some 50,000 companies with more than 1.3 million workers in Europe. Mr. Guerini is also Vice-president of the Fondazione Comunità Bergamasca, a philanthropic foundation that provides funding for the social and cultural sectors in Bergamo.

He is currently a Board member of CICOPA, Cooperatives Europe and also a member of the Board of Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Crafts Industry in Bergamo. He spent four years as a member of the Board of Directors of Cooperative Credit Bank.

Since September 2010, he has been a member of the EESC (European Economic and Social Committee), dealing in particular with the social economy and social enterprises, employment, finance for SMEs and social enterprises. Since December 2020, he has been spokesperson for the Social Economy category. Mr. Guerini was also national president of Confcooperative-Federsolidarietà from 2010-2018.

He has been a social entrepreneur working as a base operator in a SOCIAL cooperative since 1988. He subsequently held executive roles in several other cooperatives, including being administrator in many social cooperatives and consortia.