Dr. Carlos Zarco


Parallel Session 4.2: Through Inclusive Governance

Dr. Carlos Zarco has a degree in Medicine and post-graduate studies in quality management and senior management of health institutions. He has master’s degrees in Planning and Quality Management, Science in Health, and Advanced Clinical Management. Dr. Zarco is a member of the Board and Director-General of Fundación Espriu, President of the International Health Cooperative Organisation, IHCO, and member of the Board of the Alliance for Health Promotion.

As a member of the Asisa-Lavínia health cooperative, he is Medical Director of the Moncloa University Hospital in Madrid (Spain). He is also a member of the Asisa’s Bioethics Committee and Vice-president of Asisa’s Quality Committee. Dr. Zarco is teacher in the School of Industrial Organisation, the European University in Madrid and the Complutense University in Madrid.