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Affordable Housing and Energy

On the final day of the World Cooperative Congress delegates in a parallel session heard about affordable housing and energy. The session started by stating that the world was facing a global climate crisis and we were close to the tipping point. This had already hugely disrupted our society and could in the near future threaten all human life. The seventh cooperative principle of care for our community calls on us to tackle the climate, energy and housing crisis together. 

How cooperatives can deliver integrated health and social care

Introducing a session on living the cooperative identity through integrated health and social care, Dr Carlos Zarco, President of the IHCO and Director of Fundacion Espriu, Spain, said the pandemic had highlighted people’s worries over healthcare. “Patients want to get the best health care at the lowest cost. And cooperatives allow patients to work together to work with health providers, and even become the owners of the health resources.”

A message from the Congress team

Dear attendees, As you know, the 33rd World Cooperative Congress, both in-person and online, was interrupted after a Covid case was detected. The protocol from the health authorities of the Republic of Korea was activated immediately, and the situation is under control – but this situation prevented us from continuing the activities. It is important …

Enhanced food security

How do cooperatives address new ways to ensure production in food systems, and how does this contribute to building sustainable, ethical and inclusive value chains? These questions were explored in parallel session 4.3, entitled Living Our Cooperative Identity With Enhanced Food Security, on the final day of the World Cooperative Congress.

Survival of the Planet

Delegates to the World Cooperative Congress on the second day discussed one of the most important issues facing us all – the survival of the planet, in particular action on climate change. The session was chaired by Graciela Fernandez, President of the Cooperatives of the Americas and ICA Board Director, who is based in Uruguay. She started by saying that everyone should reflect on COP26 in Glasgow which was a red alert to the planet and was a warning to us all that we must change the way we do business. 

Cooperatives in times of crisis

Opening session 3.5 – Committing to our Identity … for facing crises with strength – Sangyoun Lee (Professor at Korea’s Sungkonghoe University) asked delegates to consider three important questions. How do cooperatives get through crisis times, like COVID-19? What should we do more of in the future? And how do these efforts strengthen cooperative identity? …