Parallel Session 4.4: With Affordable Housing and Energy

Sido is Chairperson of Minsnail Housing Coop and has been living in Snail Houses for five years. Sido means “try” and “all regions” in Korean. Because work, culture and social infrastructure are all concentrated in Seoul, Sido has worked to alleviate this inequality between Seoul and “the regions.”

As a young adult, Sido is especially interested in the hardships faced by youth and has acted to create institutional change by working in supportive organisations such as Seoul City Youth Hub, Seoul City Youth Activity Support Centre, and as a Minsnail Coop member, to solve the youth housing problem.

Members of Minsnail Co-op meet every two weeks to discuss sustainability issues like reducing waste, solar panels and rooftop farming as well as establish policies to be more environmentally responsible. A partnership with the City of Seoul and the central government is paving the way for solar panels. Minsnail’s long-term goals are to create buildings that are sustainable, low energy and using low carbon construction.