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Breynner Fuentes, 16, Red de Juventudes Cooperativas, Colombia

What does cooperative identity mean? Representation.

About 6 years ago cooperativism changed my life, where solidarity and cooperation became a lifestyle. My first connection was with the local television channel (Telesangil), and later emerged the possibility of learning more. This environment was structured with cooperative principles and values, allowing me to incorporate my participation in the Coomuldesa cooperative, a member of the Exploradores Solidarias – Aflatoun. Then, having the communication skills allowed me to get closer to solidarity content on radio, television and social networks. In 2018 this journey led me to a very important solidarity organization Fundequidad, which welcomed me to continue in the training and leadership process, which subsequently led to being recognized as leader of the year two years in a row.

I am currently 16 years old and I have my own company “Entérate Santander” and I continue to be passionate about communication and the social and solidarity economy sector. In 2020 I decided to continue to strengthen cooperativism by allowing young people to know and practice the model through the possibilities and opportunities cooperatives offered. I created Cooperative Youth, a network made up of cooperative leaders, which fosters plans, programs and projects for the promotion of the world cooperative movement, where it is viewed as a great possibility for personal development. I have been the organizer of events of national and international stature, such as the World Forum of Cooperativism in Action, the International Congress of Cooperative and Solidarity Youth.  I will continue to be convinced that this is the effective path.