On December 1-3, the ICA World Cooperative Congress is scheduled to take place in person in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and also virtually for those who are unable to travel. Details and logistics for this hybrid event are still being finalized. However, to help you plan how to attend Congress, here are the top five things to know:

Why will there be a hybrid event?

There will be a hybrid event to make sure anyone who wants to attend Congress can do so. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that despite needing to stay distanced to be safe, we can remain engaged with our members through creative and innovative communications channels. To do this, we continue to provide the cooperative movement with the platforms to network with each other, but also seek ways to expand our reach.

How will attendees attend the virtual event?

Registered attendees will use their registration ID and password to log in to the virtual platform via the World Cooperative Congress website. Once they have entered the virtual event, attendees will be able to view the programme and choose the live sessions they want to attend. On the main page of the platform, attendees also will be able to get more information on Congress, the programme, and speakers.

What if I live in a different time zone and cannot attend a live session?

All registered attendees for the virtual event will have access to the entire Congress programme. These sessions will be broadcast or live streamed in the Korean time zone. Attendees from other time zones can access recordings of these sessions once they have ended. As these recordings become available, they will be listed on the main page of the virtual platform.

Will these sessions be translated?

Yes. When attendees enter the virtual platform, they will be asked to choose a language:  English, Spanish, French or Korean.

What will be the cost to attend the virtual event?

Registration fees for the virtual event will be announced when registration opens this Summer.

Do you have more questions? Send an email to And check back often for updates!