Iñigo Albizuri Landazabal is the Global Head of Public Affairs at Mondragon Corporation in the Basque Country of Spain. He is also the President of the International Organisation of Industrial and Service Cooperatives, a sector organisation of the International Cooperative Alliance, which includes 49 members with 65,000 affiliated enterprises employing four million people across the world.

A trained engineer with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management, Mr. Albizuri has spent more than 20 years at the COPRECI Group, a cooperative belonging to the Mondragon Group, working in countries like México, U.S. and China to expand markets while committing to the cooperative’s values. He has also acted as the President of MUNDUKIDE the NGO of MONDRAGON for pushing the creation of cooperatives in developing countries.

At the Congress, Mr. Albizuri will be speaking alongside Idoia Mendia, Deputy President and Regional Minister for Labour and Employment in the Basque Government, on ‘Strengthening Our Cooperative Identity’.