Plenary 2 Round Table: Strengthening our Cooperative Identity – Best Practices

Seungkwon Jang is a Professor of Organization Theory, teaching management and organization theory at the Department of Management of Co-operatives, Graduate School & Cooperative MBA, Graduate School of Social Economy, Sungkonghoe University (Seoul, Korea). He is President of the Korean Society for Cooperative Studies, Chair of the Korea Fair Trade Towns Steering Committee, Vice-President of the Korea Association of International Development Cooperation, and Vice-President of Korean Association of Human Resource Development. He received his PhD in Organization Theory from Lancaster University (UK). He has recently edited the books, The Management of Consumer Co-operatives in Korea: Identity, Participation and Sustainability (Routledge, 2019), Waking the Asian Pacific Co-operative Potential (Academic Press, 2020), Fair Trade Business and Movement (in Korean) (Hanulmplus, 2020), and Management of Cooperatives in Korea (in Korean) (Hanulmplus, 2021). His research interests include organization theory, innovation, co-operative management, human resource development, organization development, international development, Fair Trade, and social economy.