Parallel Session 1.4: Through cooperative culture and safeguarding cultural heritage

Prof. Dr. Thomas Knubben teaches at the Institute of Cultural Management, University of Education Ludwigsburg, Germany. He will speak on Idea, Strategies and Chances of Cooperatives in Cultural Heritage Management during the Congress. He has undertaken studies in history and cultural sciences at the universities of Tübingen, Germany, and Bordeaux, France; Ph.D. in history on Everyday Life in the 17th century; from 1985 – 2002 he was director of the cultural department in different cities including historical museums and director of municipal art galleries with focus on modern and contemporary art; and since 2003 he is professor for cultural sciences esp. cultural history and cultural management at the University of Education Ludwigsburg, Germany. He is also responsible curator for the development of concepts for several museums (Museum Humpisquartier Ravensburg – largest integrally conserved medieval quarter in southwestern Germany; Vineum Bodensee – Wine, Culture, History at the Lake of Constance); many publications on cultural heritage, e.g. Hölderlin. A Winter Journey (2011), Mesmer or the Research of the Dark Side of the Moon (2015), Seewein. Wine Culture at the Lake of Constance (2016); The Case of the Campanile. Transculturality, Hyperreality and Multiple Authenticity (2018); actual projects of research: World Cultural Atlas. Culture in Time of Globalisation (2019); Cultural Cooperatives.