Our first winner for the #CoopsSnapshot photo competition is iCOOP Korea, a federation of consumer cooperatives located in the Republic of Korea. This photo was taken during the 20th general meeting for Hanbat iCOOP, one of iCOOP Korea’s 100 member cooperatives. The meeting was attended mostly by women, including one whose daughter will learn at a young age, the importance of getting her voice heard. 

Teaching democracy early so everyone has a voice in the future

What does cooperative identity mean to you? Could you capture this in a photo? If so, we invite you to enter our #CoopSnapshot photo competition!

The contest will run from November 2020 until November 2021, with the grand winner to be announced right before the World Cooperative Congress in Seoul, the Republic of Korea (1-3 December 2021).

Cooperators and photographers across the world are encouraged to submit photos that showcase the core cooperative values. We will explore our cooperative values each month: 

  • Self-help
  • Self-responsibility
  • Democracy
  • Equality
  • Equity
  • Solidarity
  • Honesty and Openness
  • Social responsibility
  • Caring for others.

 The theme for the month of December 2020 is Solidarity.

Five monthly winners will be announced by the 31st of every month and will be entered into the final competition next year. The best photos will be featured on the ICA World Cooperative Congress website, ICA website, and also promoted widely via ICA’s social media channels.

To participate, email your photo to media@ica.coop. Multiple entries are allowed.

**By submitting your photo for this competition, you agree that ICA reserves the right to use the intellectual property in any and all material to advance the work of the ICA in promoting cooperatives.